Rainbow Highlighters

Gustavo Guzman

Posted on March 20 2018

Rainbow Highlighters

The trend of rainbow highlighters might be fading away, but they're one of those things you should hang on to. With their unique color coordination they make adding highlight and color to your make up routine easy.

One our newest items JUST KOLOUR 3D HOLOGRAPHIC RAINBOW HIGHLIGHTER, is currently one of our newest obsessions. This particular item came not just with the basic rainbow colored option, but also two other natural inspired ones too. Each perfect for those natural glow make up looks. 

The Rainbow options features the essential tones in a slightly more pastel variant. Added to your next spring inspired look for some extra color and drama. 

The Nude option features two bronze colored tones, a rosy pink tone, and two highlighting tones one in iridescent white and the other in yellow. Making it perfect for adding both highlight and a tone pigment to your cheeks.

While the Natural option features coppery tones, dark bronze tones, and a white iridescent tone. Try it on your shoulders and collar bone for a bronzed summer look. 


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