Hudai Pretty Cut Crease / Glitter Eyeshadow Stamp

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Hudai Pretty Cut Crease / Glitter Eyeshadow Stamp - unique beauty tool can be used to create the perfect eye shadow crease or to apply glitter to your eyes.

Apply your base shadow as desired, then measure out the stamp to your eye (note one side of the stamper is rounder than the other use the side that suits your eye facing up. ). Then apply concealer directly to stamp in the areas needed make sure to apply concealer evenly to the stamper. Once the concealer has been applied simply line up the stamper to your eye and press it on with slight pressure. Then simply blend the concealer as desire and follow up with your color of choice.

To apply glitter use a little glitter primer on the stamp, apply your glitter. Then press to the area of the eye desired. 

Stamper features a round cloth wrapped handle fore better grip.