Amor Us Stay Fabulous Eyeshadow Palette

Michelle Torres

Posted on March 31 2018

Amor Us Stay Fabulous Eyeshadow Palette

The 15 shade Amor Us eyeshadow palette will literally have you STAYING FABULOUS!  It’s variety of colors can make you go from a natural daytime look, to a mysterious and sexy night look, this palette can be compared to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette (cruelty free as well), the packaging is great, it definitely looks like a high end brand palette very chic and super girly. It features seven completely matte shades, two Satin shades, five shimmer shades and last but not least a single very pearly metallic shade. All shades have a very creamy and soft texture making them easy to apply and blend, this is a wonderful  palette and extremely affordable for the quality it offers, it is just $5.99.

Going more deeply into detail about the color variation, the palette’s first color “Authentic”(first shade) can be described as a light yellow shade (ultra-matte) which can be used to highlight the eyebrow bone, to create a cut crease or to use as a base to set the eye lid before using other colored shadows. The second color, “True-Hearted”, a bronzed beige can be used at the crease to start off your eye look. “Starry-Eyed” (third shade) which is more on the warm side compared to “True-Hearted” can be used for the crease as well. The next shade is “Romantic” (fourth shade) which is a light gold shade and can be used in the inner corner of the eye to highlight; this is a very light and natural shade for a daylight eye look. “Brilliant” (fifth shade), is a very raspberry-like shade that can be compared to “Love Letter” from the Modern Renaissance palette. Up next is “Charming” (sixth shade) bringing a very shimmery bronze shade to this palette which can be used for either a day or a night look. “Bittersweet” (seventh shade) is a neutral pinkish shade that can be used as a transition shade or if desired as the crease color.  One of the favorite colors, “Wild at Heart” ( eighth shade)  which is a cherry shimmery dark shade can definitely make your eye stand out and look flirty for a night out look, “Confident” (ninth shade) is exactly very well described by its name, this shade is a dark and bold brown that will give you that confident style. Next is “Heart of Gold” (tenth shade) another neutral shade like “Bittersweet” but this is less pale, it is a warmer color. Another Favorite is “Graceful” (eleventh shade) a shimmer shade that is very similar to the “Wild at Heart” except this is a darker tone.  The twelfth shade is called “Sweetheart” and this is a matte neutral shade, this color is a dark pink nude, “Soft-spoken” (thirteenth shade) which is a gold-silver shimmer shadow, and can be used to create a very bronzy and gold look. “Passionate” (fourteenth shade) is another favorite, a very passionate, sexy and copper shadow that will definitely make your eyes stand out, the last shade is a fabulous metallic, almost pearly shade which is the highlight of the whole palette, “Chic”(fifteenth shade) is a shade that has a very fairy-like texture and illusion and is great for all type of highlight you want to add to your look.

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