Amor Us Sculpt & Glow Palette

This all-in one, silky soft powder highlighter and contour kit was designed to give you a defined and radiant complexion as you sculpt and glow with these blendable powder highlighters and contour shades.

This kit comes with four highlighters, two shimmer highlights (1. The natural pink glow,  2. The warm toned glow), and two matte highlights (1. “Nude Peach”   a rosy shade and 2. “Banana” a yellow shade) and two contour matte powders, a cool shade and a warm shade. This kit is only 5.99

 The Amor Us Sculpt & glow palette is the perfect combination of colors to bring your look together, You can use the matte highlights to set your under eyes, your mid-forehead, your chin, and under your cheeks, and the two contour shades depending on your skin color to contour your face features, after contouring I usually highlight my face with the shimmer highlights,  I love both the Natural Glow and the Warm Glow but my favorite to use on a daily is the Natural Glow … Thanks to this all-in one palette your face will look snatched in no time, and as always Amor Us offers great amazing quality at a very affordable price.